Starship Troopers! Here we come!

Because of the increased risk of airborne fragmentation threats, resulting from improvised
explosive devices, also known as IED’s, MTek has produced the Predator Facial Armor System Technology, or FAST for short. The FAST G1, was designed for use by vehicle mounted personnel, more specifically crew served weapons operators. By nature of their duty, crew served weapons operators have a significantly reduced protection level, when compared with occupants who remain inside the vehicle. Weighing in at .63kg the FAST
G1 is light enough for daylong convoys and operations where a high threat of airborne debris is imminent. It is fully compatible with most communications equipment found in MRC vehicles, and was designed to have more than adequate ventilation, even in adverse weather conditions and temperatures. Whether it be an afternoon sandstorm, gravel kicked up from a 7-ton, or fragmentation from an IED, the Predator FAST G1 was designed to increase the combat effectiveness of vehicle mounted personnel, by offering a layer of protection, unavailable until now.


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