Wow! This is GREAT! (pod2mob review)

I ran across this service about two weeks ago and didn't really play with it much until yesterday. But since then, I CAN'T STOP!!

So what the hell is pod2mob, you ask? Ok, I'll tell ya!


Let's say that you're out and about and you find yourself with some time to kill. You're stuck in a horrible traffic jam and there ain't jack shit on the radio and you've listened to every tape and cd in the car about 100 times. You're in the doctor's office and, like a dummy, you got there 20 minutes early and you KNOW that your doctor is always running 15 minutes late….AND you've read absolutely EVERY magazine in the waiting room except for Gynecologist's Weekly (and you'd rather skip that one). Or…you've gone to visit Great Aunt Mildred and she doesn't own a TV and has fallen asleep in the front room while having tea with you. You know she'd freak out if she woke up and you weren't there, so you don't dare leave until she wakes up, and despite making every rude noise that you can think of, she's not stirring.

AND…you DON'T have your iPod or mp3 player with you!!!

What do you do??

Pod2mob is your savior!! Pod2mob allows you to receive and listen to podcasts right over your mobile phone!!! Cool, huh?

But that's not the coolest thing about it! Oh, no!!

What's cooler? You can listen to MY PODCAST! Right on your cell phone!!! Yup. It's true. I've tested it!

Go to pod2mob and follow the instructions. Then, go to podcasts and select "Entertainment" (or comedy) and look for The Bear Cave. When you've located it, add it to your favorites and…wherever you are, whenever you want you can listen to my podcasts on your cell phone!!

So go! Do it now! You'll thank me.