Honoring Our Dead


Memorial Day

This is the day that we remember the fallen. Those who died defending our country.

We should take this day to remember, specifically, the men and women who died defending our country and the sacrifices made to keep us free.

The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance. We cannot ever forget that. There is no relaxing. No taking it easy. ETERNAL vigilance. There are constant and persistant threats to our security and freedom and they come from all directions and from unsuspected sources. 

Of course, there are the obvious threats. Terrorists, armed insurgents, unfriendly countries and governments. Those are easy to see, and prepare to defend against.

But…there are other sources that are not so easy to see. Illegal immigrants…a cancer eating us from within. Ignorance…American citizens blythly wandering around and eagerly ignoring danger. Laziness…"let (fill in a name) take care of it", or "Gee, I thought THEY were doing something about it." 

We live in a "representative Democracy". We elect people to represent us and our will.  Do you contact your senators and congressmen on a regular basis? Do you inform them as to your opinions and how you want them to vote on the issues? Do you even KNOW who your senators and congressmen ARE? Do you know what items are up for discussion and vote. These things are YOUR responsibility as an American. 

We are ALL soldiers of freedom! We have a job to do to keep ourselves and our country free. Are you doing your part? Did those brave men and women die for nothing? Think about it.


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