New Bohemia

I’ve added a new category to my blog entitled “Web Bohemia”. This was inspired by GigaOm guru, Om Malik who has introduced a new blog, Web Worker Daily.

Web Worker Daily is centered around the new CYBERFORCE, web workers. As the new blog’s lead writer, Jackson West explains

“Mobile electronics, wireless networks and online applications aren’t just shifting workflow paradigms, but also social etiquette, management policies and business models. A new tribe of bedouin has evolved, with laptops instead of camels, hopping between wifi hotspots like oases. It is high time that net set should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies,and meet the jet set with a manifesto: Web Worker Daily. Because inspiration is meant to be shared.”

Well…the term bedouin, or ‘web bedouin’ got me to thinking. Please see this article in WWD entitled Open Thread: What’s a bedouin?
Wish I had coined the term, but am I a web bedouin? I don’t know. I think of myself more as a “Web Bohemian”, or is that “webohemian”?

I’m part of a very eclectic tribe of free thinkers. Web Bohemians, Web Beatniks, Web Poets who would exist even if there were no web workers. We live in cyberspace, too, but we are poets, publish on demand people (P.O.D. people) and gasp! even podcasters.

We hang out at the same watering holes as the Web Bedouins, Starbucks and other wi-fi cafes, and we have laptops too, but are less likely to have a stroke if we don’t have our blackberry with us along with our laptop. We may or may not be jet setters, but may travel via volkswagon, but we’re an active and important part of the “net set”, too and need to have our views, aims and tendencies covered.

The more I think about this, the more I believe that the Web Bohemians need a web site.

I’m gonna start a blog.


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