Ok….it has been ages since I posted anything to this blog. Sorry…but nobody reads this but me, anyway, so who cares?

So what have I been doing? Well, for the past year (as of Sept. 22, 2007) I have been playing in a place called “Second Life“.  Just click the link to go to their webpage and read all about it. It is a huge virtual world with literally thousands of people there at any one time. And it is apparently wildly popular and successful. Who knew?

I live there, play there, and yes…love there. It has much to recommend it.

As a matter of fact, I have yet to find a niche that doesn’t exist there, and people to fill that niche…from gangsters (NOT the rap/hip hop crapola), to furry creatures called, aptly, “Furries”.  You can be yourself, or a furry, or a mechanized creature if you prefer.

I chose to be me. I don’t deal well with furries and have a hard time taking mechanical creatures seriously.

So what do you DO there?

Just about anything you can imagine!  There is scuba and sky diving, dancing and flying and role play out the YING YANG!!

I have to go in now and begin building my latest project…a HOVER BOARD! But I shall be back later to tell you more.