Where do we go from here?

I was surfing the net today, hopping from wave to wave and I came across some stuff that interested me.

In the dashboard of this blog I clicked on “Olympics” as I have been following them faithfully and came up with this: http://cranialrectalresearch.wordpress.com/ .

Love the sense of humor of the author, and also appreciate their pithy insight.

Anyway, cranialrectal led me to this: http://strydehax.blogspot.com/ .  Stryde has done some work! GOOD JOB, STRYDE HAX!!

I am so tired of the fucking cheating!!!  Propanylol being used by archers, testosterone (TWICE) by an Ukrainian uber-dyke, even 4 horses being doped to help their riders, and now this outright deception by the Chinese to further their image of superior gymnasts. 

(this is gonna cost them, and I am glad!!)


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