Greek Toga Party or New Roman “Empire”?

I’ve got loads of questions, that’s for sure.

Question: Are the Dems now going to worship ancient gods, or are they setting themselves up AS gods?

Tonight’s finale of the DNC’s B. Hussein Obama Show includes what many are calling “The Temple of Obama”.  A spectacle complete with architecture (albeit fake) resembling ancient Greece or Rome. (I still cannot decide which), and actual togas for the “faithful” to wear.

I never expected B.Hussein to openly declare his god-hood, and am guessing he is going with the “Socialist Elite” Plan. (That is where we are all socialists, except he and his friends are a whole lot more equal than the rest of us, and immune from “sharing”…that’s for the little people.)

Another question: If his is the party of change, can somebody tell me what we’re changing to, and what we’re changing from, and more importantly HOW are these changes going to be accomplished?

Every “change” the dems spoke of last night (health care for all, education for all, jobs for all…nota bene: “all” includes illegals) is going to cost money. LOTS of money.

Question: Where is this money going to come from?  (My guess is more and more taxes on the shrinking middle class.)  It is a cinch that B. Hussein and his pals have no intention of paying out of their pockets.

(as always happens, the dems spew shit liberally from their mouths.  “This needs to change” and “That needs to change”.  But they never say how, they never actually  DO anything to affect change, and they expect somebody else to pay for it all. Want proof? Read your history.  Also, look at our democrat controlled House and Senate…what, exactly, have they done since holding control and majority? NOTHING!!)


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