the real me

This is the real me. Handsome, huh?

What am I willing to reveal about this guy?

First: I am a Texas gentleman, and yes, I mean gentleman. I open doors for ladies, I speak politely and I don’t spit on the sidewalk.

I am a Texan, which carries with it certain attitudes. If you come to my state, you will see signs on the highways that say, “Don’t Mess With Texas.”  That means exactly what it says. We are friendly, inviting, fun people. We love entertaining guests from all over, and wish all of you to feel at home.  Having said that, let me add that our hospitality has limits. We are very tired of new arrivals saying:

“I am from (some blue state) and we don’t do it that way. We do it this way and I think that you should…”


Texas and Texans are fiercely independent. We believe in individual freedom, self-determination, and taking care of our business, our way. Texas, historically, was once part of Mexico. We did not like that, fought them, kicked their asses, and started our own country.

Texas flies high

That is right, Texas was a sovereign country. The Republic of Texas. When the USA begged us to join it…we had a few conditions. One is that OUR flag flies just as high as the US flag…take a look. If there are two flagpoles, one with the US and one with Texas flag…they are at the same height.  No other state has that right. Another thing…Texas is the only state that can legally secede from the United States. Yup…if we don’t like it, we can leave and return to the status of independent nation.

We are patriotic, love America, and have given our all for the United States, time and time again. But most of us will admit to being Texan first, American next.

Ok, enough about that.

I am an adult of 57 years. White haired and proud of every hair and every wrinkle.

I am fairly well educated, and fairly intelligent.

I am an avid reader. Love literature, art, theater and classical music. I also love good cigars, good wine, loud Harleys and pretty women. I also love rock and roll (recorded before 1973)

Got too wordy…but will tell you more, later, anyway.



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