Growing Anger Could Jeopardize Obama’s Standing

What the public wants are results, and they have been hard to come by, especially in ending the recession, reducing unemployment, and muting partisan warfare in Washington. This is particularly disconcerting for independent voters, who tend to decide elections. While Obama’s job approval is still above 50 percent in most polls, that’s because of overwhelming backing from Democrats. Republicans are united against him, and independents are increasingly displeased with his policies. The latest Washington Post/ABC News Poll found that only 49 percent of Americans are confident that Obama will make the right decisions for the country, down from 60 percent in April.

(duh,,,,no kidding!)


One Response

  1. YUea because those “most” Americans are ignorant and following the lead of the GOP. The GOP wants Obama to fail and so they continue to lie and cheat and that’s how they’ll get back to the White House and MAKE things even more worse ’cause they truly would rather have a Nazi State than the Republic we are. They have always wanted that. The Bush’s will see to it and the Neocons will happy! Just wait till one by one all our Rights are taken away. Keep it up America and you’ll soon get what you deserve and it won’t be another Obama unless you wake up!

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